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Circuit Studios

Circuit Studios is a Boutique Production Studio near Denver, Colorado available for daily rentals. Our studio is designed to meet the needs of small to medium size, film, corporate video, and still photo shoots.


Professional Green Screen Film & Photography Studio

Video Production

Video Production

About Us

Circuit Studios is a new cyclorama production stage operated by established production professionals. Our team consists of experienced technicians in all aspects of the production process. For the last several decades we have worked on productions ranging from major motion pictures and national commercial spots to reality and corporate television. Our studio provides a cyclorama stage with grid and a wide range of camera support and lighting gear to build your ideas. Circuit Studios provides services from: producing, direction, cinematography, still shoots, sound recording, grip and electric, (including a 3 ton grip truck), art direction, stunts, special effects, makeup, hair, post production and many others.

We have over
20 years experience

working on videos, feature films, photography shoots, television shows, commercials and other various production jobs. Circuit Studios can also provide you with assistance in creating and producing your original content. Our combined knowledge and skills will help you create your visual dreams!

Our facility

provides a 29′ X 18′ X 12.5′ high cyclorama stage, with a grid trim height of 14 feet. Circuit Studios also includes green screen option, a kitchenette, a loft, conference room and additional space to cater to your project.